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OVER 100 EGGLESS CAKE recipies:

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Higher Taste cook book

More On-line Vegetarian recipes:

In A Vegetarian Kitchen:

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Author of Great Vegetarian Dishes, as show just above, and several other cookbooks, videos etc.

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Think Twice Don't Eat Your ain't nice! (by Bhakti Rasa dasa)

The Smiths - Meat is Murder

What it says in the Vedik literatures about animal killing, and meat eating !!!

Understanding western Social History and the foundation of the meat culture.

The Pope's apology for Christianity's part in such exploitation
and destruction of indigenous cultures all around the world

What the various religious denomination say about Vegetarianism - many good quotes:

View those pages:

Fat-free vegetarian meals:
A lot of inspiring Vegetarian preparations here, some have onion and garlic in, so replace that with hing or omit that altogether as you see fit, still this page is well worth a serious look for ideas.

Hundreds of Vegetarian recipes

Excellent "Meat Substitute" recipes

Welcome to the Meatrix - choose the red pill and see the reality - it is all around you !!
Allow the Meatrix to download fully before attempting to observe.............

Vegetarian Update - newsletter from NZ Vegetarian Socity in Wellington:

Eating Meat - the lager picture:

Vegetarian - History's Hidden and Heretical Voice:

Vegetarianism vs. Science - Building Bridges Over Troubled Waters - Vegetarianism needs science and science needs vegetarianism.

Air-line Vegetarian Meals - "like Russian rullette, you just don't know what you might get"

Meat is Murder pages:

The TRUTH about McDonalds:'s.htm

Lyrics to song "Meat is Murder" by The Smiths:

Animal Rights Resources - hundreds of important links:

Typical complaint from aspiring vegetarian teen about meat-eating parents: Some good advise:

Meat Free Zone:

Animal Derived Ingredient List "food produce"

Vegetarian Cheeses and Yogurt available in NZ

Bengali Vegetables and Spices - Names


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