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ekam satah viprah bahudha vadanti

"The Truth is One, but the wise see this in different ways". (Rg Veda)

last updated 3rd June 2006

InterFaith related sites:

Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada's ideal for encouraging InterFaith:
A very comprehensive list of EVERYONE imaginable here - even sceptic pages doubtfully are there.
About the British Raj's plan to defeat and dominate India
Aggression in Boys - Donít Believe the Troubled-Boy Hype:
All about the REAL Vedik Culture hidden away by the last few hundered years.......
An Overview of the Major Religions in the World Today:
Asaucham - Religious Impurities and how to deal with it at Death (Mritakam) and Birth (Sutakam):
Avyakta 108 - about religion and cults and being like bees - collecting honey:

Back To Godhead Magazine - covering all aspects of Krishna consciousness.
Beliefnet -- We All Believe in Something:
Bhakti Ananda Goswami - links Ancient Cultures together
Blind men and elephant depicting different religions......
Community(ies) pages
Catholic Saints - Saint Search:
Cleanliness is next to Godliness:
Customs, Traditions, Rituals in India:
Egopages - a very interesting InterFaith site
Education pages
St Francis of Assisi, his prayer, teachings - he was a devotee no doubt:
Ghost Busting services available - removal of ghosts, tantrik curses, black magic, health issues etc

Hare Krishna Audio's InterFaith list:
"The Hidden Treasure of Al Q'uran" - Airavata dasa:
Hindu-web - very useful site 4 Hindus:
All about Hinduism - 350+ pics FREE 2 Download:
Ask Questions on Hindu Related Topics HERE:
Hinduism still being misrepresented in schools world wide:
How Hindus Are Targeted With "Friendship Evangelism"
Hindu - Muslim Peace Plan by Isa dasa
How the west was really won.............!!!!!
Interesting Islamic page
Interesting Inter-faith pages:
Inter-Faith groups in the UK:
InterFaith Calendar - Sacred Times Are Windows Into Religious Celebrations and Solemn Observations of Spiritual Traditions Present Religious Insights into The Meaning of Life
InterFaith tolerance in India:
International links with Temples, Hindu sites, Vaishnava sites, etc:
International Religous - Persecution List - check and see if you're on it - LOL - you'd know:
Iskcon is NOT a Cult:
Islam and Krishna consciousness
Islamic Saint Saw Upanishads as Secret Book of Quran
Jesus info' - Jesus Visited India - Jesus Was a Vegetarian
Kirtanananda "Bhaktipad" - Christ and Krishna
Krishna - Kristos - Christ
Krishna Conscious Communism
Lofts - East Meets West:
New Age Workshops - Crystals, Energy, the Energetic; Mantra Meditation, Vegetarianism
        Carterton, Dannevirke, Masterton, Napier, Palmerston North, Tauranga, Wellington - Contact us
Mathematical Proof for God's existence:
Open Directory - Religion and Spirituality section:
Paradigms - optical illusions:
Paradigm pages and links to understand the truth:
Parables for everyone:
Practicing Krishna Consciousness at Home:
Practicing KC at home - links - Sucih standards:
Religion and Beliefs @ Yahoo.com:
Religious Tolerance - An amazing list of Spiritual Groups, Topics, Olde Religions, etc
seX Files - religious views of sex - best to be safe
Stop the Hate - reflections on 11th September 2001 terror attacks and the ramifications on others
Saint Francis Xavier and Goa Inquisition
Sri Ramanuja Matham - Australian Branch Sri Yatiraja Jeeyar Matham, Sri Perumbudur
Srivaishnava Cyber Satsangh
Sri Viswaroopa Panchamukha Anjaneya Swami Foundation
Suicide - don't do it, okay
Emile Durkheim: Suicide (1897) in the Christian Churches
The Church Within - All Faith ~ Internet Church for the dawning New Age:
The Doomsday Cults page:
The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life (1912)
The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences:
The "isms" page - understand what "isms" do:
The Pope begs for forgiveness for sins that the Church has done against other cultures and religions:
The Rabbi and I - looking at the similarities between Judaism and Vaisnavism:
This book shows that the Jewish Religion is based on the Vedas.
The Society for Hindu-Christian Studies:
The Tomb of Jesus:
The most bigoted site - typifying narrow-mindedness
Vedic Wisdom - Guidance:
Vedik Culture links
Vedik World Heritage pages - discover the REAL World
Welcome to Multi-Faith Net:
Western Indologists - their motive and intent
World Prayers from all cultures and religions:

WTC - reflections and compassionate suggestions for all suffering souls
Yoga Links

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