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Some pictures/articles/files on this site were found as devotees wandered around from free site to free site site on the Internet. We no longer remember where or who first sent us someof the picture(s)/article(s)/file(s). To the best of my knowledge, when I received them, there was no information posted with them to indicate that they were copyright protected.

If you see any image/article/file on these pages which you know is possibly covered by copyright, please contact me immediately, especially if you know who the copyright holder is and we can then approach them for belated permission to use. I do not wish to violate copyright law and certainly do not wish to keep any artist from supporting him or herself, and family.

As far as we know all pages have been sourced for permission, correctly referenced, proper credit given etc. As a writer, researcher, social-religious anthropologist ourselves we understand the hard graft put into creating things and wish to give all credit where due. Please help us in that regard while giving us space also to serve the community providing Fair Use for all materials for people genuinely wanting to seek the truth in the development of their spiritual lives and not for material gain. There's a wealth of wisdom available these days and our sole purpose is to share that. Please help us to do this nicely, in a proper manner, without any infringement of copyright/etiquette/ethics so that ALL may benefit. However, if when viewing any of the referenced articles, links, or research inclusions, or anything else for that matter, if you are the author and object to usage of, or association with such religious philosophy or knows of any other possible copy infringements please let us know and we will remove that.

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In any possibility of our infringement in any manner in this regard, it has nothing what so ever to do with any of our kind sponsors, nor to do with Iskcon (the International Society for Krishna Consciousness), nor to do with Vaishnavism/Hinduism, nor the Hare Krishna movement, nor on our ISP host to whom we remain very grateful.

It is the sole and exclusive mistake (if such a situation arises) of the webmaster/owner of and no other person, group of persons, company or body, I am a volunteer and make no income from these pages.

In this regard we understand that laws world wide are constantly changing so please help us to do things as nicely as we can.


Fair Dealing  Though the 1997 Ordinance allows for copying in educational institutions for "things done for the purposes of instruction or examination", it should be understood at the outset that this is not a blanket license to copy. The test on whether copyright is infringed centres on the concept of "fair dealing": the amount, quality and use of the work being copied. "Fair dealing" seems to be much more restrictive in practice here than its American counterpart, "fair use". A legal opinion on this matter states :
"The expression fair dealing is not defined in the Ordinance. Section 38(3) sets out factors to be considered in determining whether any dealing with a work of any description is fair dealing. These factors include the purpose and nature of the dealing; the nature of the work; and the amount and substantiality of the portion dealt with in relation to the work as a whole. It is not necessary to decide whether use of the work constitutes fair dealing until it has been determined that use has been made of a substantial part of the work. What amounts to a substantial part must be assessed on quality rather than quantity. For example, if the most vital part of the work is copied, even though it may not be a very large part, it will nevertheless be considered to be a substantial part. Once substantiality is established, it is necessary to examine whether the use made of the work is in fact fair dealing."