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last updated 27th July 2008
Hidden Origins of the Maori peoples of New Zealand:
A Link Between Hindu Gods and Japan
Did the Chinese and Japanese once read the Mahabharatha?
NASA Photos Reveal Bridge to Lanka

American Scholar on Indian Christian Schools - The War Against Hinduism
Vedic Culture is the Parent of Humanity
Indian mutiny was 'war of religion'
'The Language of the Colonized Mind'
Max Muller an Expose
British role in planning the ruin of india
Hinduism Today on Caste(s) - the influence of Christianity:
REAL Daivi Varnashram Dharma - the original Vedik caste system
BBC states - Indian Civilisation ' 9,000 Years Old '(At Least)
Archaeological Dig Reveals Extensive Roman Sea Trade with India
Kum Kum: Proof of the Ancient Global Vedic Presence


Hindu Holocaust Museum
Re-writing India's History: by Francois Gautier:
World Vedik Heritage University - the works of P.N. Oak
A Post-Modern Demand for Historic Accuracy
Ganesh's Global Presence
Shikshapatri of Swami Narayan sect:

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