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last updated 21st January 2006
New Zealand

Australian Aboriginals and Vedik Origins: 

Ancient Australian Ganesh and Hanuman Artifacts

Ancient Australian Ganesh and Hanuman Artifacts
Artifacts found in the Gympie District, Queensland Australia

At Dogun, schoolboy Cliff Brown 13, found an elephant about 100mm high carved from beige granite. It is thought to be the Hindu God "Ganesha".
Apart from the 'Gympie Ape', other idols (one looking a lot like Ganesha, from Indian mythology)
The Gympie Ape- A stone ape statue possibility 3000 years old. The statue was unearthed in 1966 on Mr Dal K. Berrys Wolvi Rd property. The ape is made of conglomerate iron stone and shows a squatting ape figure.

Source: The Gympie Times 30/10/75

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