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  Mayapur Institute of Higher Education (MIHE)


When I joined the movement in 1977, "Chant, dance and be happy" was the motto on all the devotees' lips. It was like the implicit contract we signed when we joined: if we chanted and danced, we would be happy. As the years rolled by I found out about the fine print in the contract: to "chant, dance and be happy" we had to go through a lot of hardships. So it wasn't always easy to remain enthusiastic and determined in my service. The upheavals and changes in our movement sometimes bewildered me, but in 1989 I discovered something that makes chanting, dancing, and being happy a lot easier. I discovered the Vrindavana Institute of Higher Education (VIHE).

After that, I'd work hard at my service all year and then go to Vrndavana to take the VIHE courses on Srila Prabhupada's books, offered by senior Vaisnavas. Taking these seminars gave me such deep realizations and inspirations that I would return to my service of preaching and book distribution with greatly renewed enthusiasm and determination. After relishing the nectar in Srila Prabhupada's books, I had no choice but to distribute it. I attended VIHE seminars seven times, and they really helped me keep going in my service year after year.

Now we have developed the Mayapur Institute of Higher Education in cooperation with the VIHE, under the direction of the Ministry of Educational Development. We hope the MIHE addresses current needs, similar to those I experienced in the 1980s, and fulfills a desire Srila Prabhupada expressed in a 1971 letter:

 "...throughout the whole world there is no institution to impart  education in the matter of spiritual understanding. So we are going to open a big center in Mayapur where this education will be internationally imparted. Students from all parts of the world will go there to take education in  this important subject."

I have listed below the schedule, the statement of purpose, the courses, the fees, and information how to contact MIHE.

Please take special note of the VTE (Vaisnava Training and Education) Bhakti-sastri courses. This year VTE is offering courses on The Nectar of Devotion, The Nectar of Instruction, and the Isopanisad, which make up the first trimester of the VTE Bhakti-sastri program. This means you could complete the first trimester of the VTE Bhakti-sastri program during the MIHE 2000 semester, take the second trimester during the MIHE 2001 semester, and take the third trimester during the MIHE 2002 semester and then get your Bhakti-sastri degree after passing the appropriate exams. (Please check the MIHE Website for more information about the VTE Bhakti-sastri program and the standards of assessment.) The MIHE is making the Bhakti-sastri degree easily accessible to the ISKCON world.

I urge you to log on to the MIHE Website and read more about the course offerings. There you can fill out an online application form. The next step is to come to Mayapur for the courses.

We are looking forward to churning the nectar in your association in Sri Mayapur Dhama at the inaugural semester of the Mayapur Institute of Higher Education. Come to Mayapur and "Chant, dance, and be happy."

Your servant,
Janmastami dasa
MIHE Administation

           MIHE Schedule

Feb. 4th    MIHE starts its first week of classes
Feb. 11th   Second week of classes
Feb. 17th   Nityananda Prabhu's Appearance Anniversary
Feb. 18th   Third week of classes
Feb. 23rd   GBC meetings begin
Feb. 24th   Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati's Appearance Day
Feb. 25th   Fourth week of classes
Mar. 2nd   GBC meetings end
Mar. 3rd    Fifth week of classes & Festival seminars
Mar. 4th    VTE TTC1 and Communications for Preachers Begin
Mar. 8th    Gaura Mandala Parikrama Begins and Continuation of VTE TTC1 & Communications for Preachers.
Mar. 13th  VTE TTC2 Begins
Mar. 14th   Gaura Mandala Parikrama Ends
Mar. 15th  Various Festival programs
Mar. 20th   Gaura Purnima

Each week of classes lasts five days, followed by a two-day break.

    MIHE Mission Statement

Provide an ideal facility and atmosphere in Mayapur that will help devotees:

1) increase their abilities to associate lovingly with Vaisnavas;
2) develop a higher taste for studying Srila Prabhupada's books;
3) systematically strengthen their sadhana and sastric knowledge;
4) develop practical skills in preaching, worshiping, and living;
5) enhance their appreciation of Sri Mayapur Dhama;
6) deepen their Krsna conscious realizations; and
7) develop deeper appreciation for Srila Prabhupada's wonderful gifts.

        MIHE Courses

Bhakti Caitanya Swami
Introduction to Srila Jiva Goswami's "Tattva-sandarbha" (3rd week)

Bhakti Caru Swami
The History of Our Vaisnava Heritage (1st and 2nd weeks)

Bhakti-tirtha Swami
Workshop for Strengthening Vaisnava Communities  (5th week)

Jayapataka Swami and Kaunteya Dasa
Bhakti-vrksa Preaching Workshop  (the first four weeks)

Jayapataka Swami
Sri Caitanya Lila (5th week)

Praladananda Swami
From Sraddha to Prema (5th week)

Aghabhid Dasa
The Nectar of Devotion / VTE Bhakti-sastri (for men; five weeks)

Anantarupa Dasa
Astrology and Varnashram Dharma (3rd & 4th weeks)

Anuttama Dasa & Anuradha Devi Dasi
Communications for Preachers (Starts in the 5th week and continues until
March 9th).

Deena Bandhu Dasa
Braja Lila (3rd and 4th weeks)

Felio Tsacrios
Yoga for Health and Vitality in the Iyengar Tradition
(5 weeks - separate classes for men and women)

Gopiparandhana Dasa
Srila Sukadeva Goswami's First Instructions -
The First Chapters of the Second Canto of the Srimad-Bhagavatam (5th week)

Jananivasa Dasa, Pankajanghri Dasa, and Nrsimha Kavaca Dasa
The Pancaratrika Process of Deity Worship (3rd & 4th weeks)

Kalakantha Dasa
Writing for "Back to Godhead" (6 hours on February 9th)
The Basics of ISKCON Fundraising (6 hours on February 16th)

Kurma Dasa
Vedic Cooking Workshops (interactive demonstrations and hands-on practice)
(the first four weeks)
Readings and discussion from his book "The Great Transcendental Adventure"
(the first four weeks)

Mahamaya-Devi Dasi
Readings and discussion from her soon-to-be-published memoir, entitled
"Srila Prabhupada is Coming!" (4th week)

Manjari-Devi Dasi
Navadvipa Dhama (5th week)

Narayani-Devi Dasi
Living the Bhagavad-gita - Chapters 7 and 8 (3rd and 4th weeks)

Prana Dasa
Sri Isopanisad / VTE Bhakti-sastri (for men; the first two weeks)

Prasanta Devi Dasi
Sri Isopanisad / VTE Bhakti-sastri (for women; the first two weeks)

Rasamandala Dasa
The Vaisnava Training and Education Teacher Training Course I
(March 4th-11th)
The Vaisnava Training and Education Teacher Training Course II
(March 13th-18th)

Rati-Manjari-Devi Dasi
The Nectar of Devotion / VTE Bhakti-sastri (for women; five weeks)

Sacidulal Dasa
The Nectar of Instruction / VTE Bhakti-sastri (the first two weeks)

Vidvan Gauranga Dasa
Srila Narada's Instructions to Vyasadeva on the Srimad-Bhagavatam
(3rd & 4th weeks)

We need you to select the courses you wish to take by submitting an online application form by January 20th at http://www.mayapur.org/mihe

Please do this as soon as possible to reserve space for yourself in the courses of your choice.

         MIHE Fees

No fees are expected from present or former gurukula students and active teachers from any ISKCON school.

Rs. 6500 (US $160) for a full schedule. This covers as many classes as desired and materials, except for the VTE Teacher Training courses taught by Rasamandala Prabhu. The fee for the Teacher Training courses is an additional Rs. 2800 (US $65) per course.

Fees are lower for students who take fewer classes. Thus students may remit fees for as many courses as they may take.*  Fees are payable at registration. Discounts may be available in special circumstances, but your temple authority must arrange this discount in advance with the MIHE Administration, prior to your arrival in Mayapur.

*Fees may be remitted on a course-by-course basis:

Registration fee                Rs.  350
One day 6 hour seminar    Rs.  350
One-week courses            Rs.  450
Two-week courses           Rs.  750
Three-week courses         Rs. 1050
Four-week courses           Rs. 1350
Five-week courses            Rs. 1650
VTE Teacher Training      Rs. 2800

For more information, please contact:

c/o ISKCON Mayapur
P.O. Box 10443, Kalighat, Calcutta 700026 W. Bengal, INDIA
Phone: (03472) 45 423
E-mail: janmastami.sdg@bbt.se
Website: http://www.mayapur.org/mihe