Whangamata 26th December to 30th December 2010

Come together and enjoy the picturesque environment of the Coromandel Peninsula, surrounded by lush forests and the beautiful beaches of Whangamata. This years festival will be a family centred event, and a great way to enjoy the festive season in the association of Vaishnavas, for the pleasure of Their Lordships Jagannatha, Balarama, and Lady Subhadra.

Due to constraints on both physical and financial resources this years festival will be somewhat simpler, yet we still hope to serve you again as a friendly, family camp centered around Lord Jagannatha, chanting and feasting in the association of the Vaishnavas.

Camp sites are restricted to 50 sites


This year in order to cover the many costs we have introduced a set fee

$150.00 per family
$75.00 per single

We request booking and payment in advance in order to secure your
site and to estimate numbers for whom we have to cater, please confirm bookings with payment no later than 31st November.

Payment can be made to Jagannatha Family Festival Account:
ANZ Bank, Account Name: Jagannatha Family Festival
Account Number: 010322-0146037-01 (please note new account number 5th October 2009)
Reference, your name etc.
Please notify us of your booking payment.


  Morning and Evening Spiritual Program
  Harinama Sankirtana
  Campfire sanga and kirtana
  Beach and river recreation
  Jagannatha Maha Prasada (morning and evening)

Facilities Provided:

  Temple tent
  Hot showers

You need:

 Cups, Plates and spoons for your family
 Tent and bedding
 Devotional Clothes
 Insect repellant, sun-hats and sunscreen
 Bucket, clothesline and pegs
 Wet weather gear
 Extra drinking water
 Snacks for the kids
 First Aid Kit
 Torch and spare batteries
 Mat to sit on
 Musical instruments, karatalas etc
 Spare Cash
 You'll need to organize your own transport

Remembering the 2007 Festival

Contact Details:

Trivikram dasa (07) 552 0029 (Tauranga/Katikati)
(021) 134 0507
jharikhanda@slingshot.co.nz  or

Sikhandi: (09) 410 4331 (Auckland)
(021) 906 046